welcome to CropShop!

we make farm-to-table easy for chefs and local farmers.

we understand the food system is broken. chefs are in demand of local products, and farmers want to provide, but there is no seamless solution to exchange products and passion weekly.

that’s where we come in, giving chefs access to the most quality, unique, and delicious local products weekly, with the same ease as mainstream food distributors.

as a Farmer CropShop offers a simple solution to…

gain valuable customers & meaningful relationships.

a convenient marketplace to earn money from your products sold through CropShop to chefs and restaurants that value quality, thoughtful, and local ingredients.

– we will pick-up and deliver your products for you.

if you are intrigued in working with us please click the “lets work together” page in the top menu.

as a Chef

making connections building relationships with farmers and CropShop translates to an enhanced menu.

– we will deliver free samples, and any future orders placed through us at the best time & date for you and your restaurant.

conveniently purchase delicious, local, and unique ingredients directly from our farmers through CropShop.

 for free samples delivered to your kitchen email cropshopdev@gmail.com or fill out the form in the “lets work together” page.

to learn more about the much appreciated chefs and farmers we are working with to enhance their menu, and harvest, check out the “our farmers” and “our chefs” pages located in the top menu.

if you are interested in working with us just click the “lets work together” page in the top menu. we would love to learn more about how we could possibly help one another.

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Salem, MA ~ cropshopdev@gmail.com


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